ICDM 2010 Accepted Papers on Social Networks

Here is the list of accepted papers in ICDM 2010. The following are a few papers related to social networks:

1. Viral Marketing for Multiple Products, Anirban Majumder, Samik Datta, and Nisheeth Shrivastava

2. Modeling Information Diffusion in Implicit Networks, Jaewon Yang and Jure Leskovec

3. Discovering Overlapping Groups in Social Media, Xufei Wang, Lei Tang, Huiji Gao, and Huan Liu

4. Scalable Influence Maximization in Social Networks under the Linear Threshold Model, Wei Chen, Yifei
Yuan, and Li Zhang

5. A Generalized Linear threshold Model for Multiple Cascades, Nishith Pathak, Arindam Banerjee, and
Jaideep Srivastava

6. Learning Markov Network Structure with Decision Trees, Daniel Lowd and Jesse Davis

7. Max-Clique: A Top-down Graph based Approach to Frequent Pattern Mining, Yan Xie and Philip Yu

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