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CIKM 2010 Accepted Papers Related to Social Networks

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is the list of accepted papers in CIKM 2010 conference. The following are related to Social Networks:

1. Mining Interesting Link Formation Rules in Social Networks, Cane Wing-ki Leung, Ee-Peng Lim, David
Lo and Jianshu Weng

2. SHRINK: A Structural Clustering Algorithm for Detecting Hierarchical Communities in Networks,
Jianbin Huang, Heli Sun, Jiawei Han, Hongbo Deng and Yizhou Sun

3. Outcome Aware Ranking in Interaction Networks, S Kameshwaran, Sameep Mehta and Vinayaka

4. Expansion and Search in Networks, Arun Maiya and Tanya Berger-Wolf

5. Who Should I Cite? Learning Literature Search Models from Citation Behavior, Steven Bethard and
Dan Jurafsky

6. Predicting Product Adoption in Large-Scale Social Networks, Rushi Bhatt, Vineet Chaoji and Rajesh