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Course Pages on Social and Information Networks Analysis and Mining

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The following a few important course pages on social, information, and economic networks:

1. Networks by David Easley and Jon Kleinberg

2. The Structure of Information Networks by Jon Kleinberg

3. CS322: (Social and Information) Network Analysis by Jure Leskovec

4. SI 614: Networks: Theory and Application by Lada Adamic

5. CS599: The Structure and Dynamics of Networked Information by David Kempe

6. Network Theory by M.E.J. Newman

7. W3233 – Networks and Complexity in Social Systems by Duncan J Watts

8. CMPSCI 691S: Scaling, Power Laws, and the Small World Phenomena in Networks by Don Towsley

9. Social Networks by Jason Hartline and Nicole Immorlica

10. 395: Algorithmic and Economic Aspects of Social Networks by Nicole Immorlica

11. MS&E 337: Information Networks by Amin Saberi

12. CSE 522: Algorithmic and Economic Aspects of the Internet by Nicole Immorlica and Mohammad Mahdian